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Nygel's Nerd Nation Student Of The Month

Hi everyone! Nygel's Nerd Nation is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding excellence in both academics and poetry! We are interested in beginning a "Student Of The Month" Program that will highlight:
* A student (250 words or less bio)
* Their school
* The success they have experienced

We truly believe that children do well in an environment that fosters and encourages their individual successe

s. That is our goal. Before we can take this step and prepare, we really need your feed back- not just a "like" but an honest suggestion that will make the program a success.

If you have never recommended us to anyone, we are asking for your help. Tag us in a post to your friends to follow us! If you know teachers that would like to work with us, please have them follow us. We believe that the program can be an incentive for children as well as high school and college students to strive for success!

Please feel free to inbox me or you may personally contact me at:

We appreciate your support!

Monday, August 20, 2012

What Is Your "Quiet Gift" That Has No Voice?

Hi everyone! So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the "culture" we are really trying to create with Nygel's Nerd Nation. While Nygel is a cool little dude, he stands for something more than just his handsome good looks and awesome sneakers (lol.) Nygel was designed with you in mind. Nygel's goal is to create a culture that embraces being the best YOU that YOU can be and not conforming to the norm. So many times we can get lost in someone else's expectations that we can forget to chase our own dreams, so we really want to hone in on what makes YOU an extraordinary individual and discover what you're passionate about! Nygel's Nerd Nation is for and about you!!

So our question to you is....what is your "quiet gift" that you have yet to give a voice?

Since we are all products of what we want to positively evoke in others, I am no exception to the rule, so here is my "quiet gift." I love to write poetry and I want to try "spoken word" but my nerves win the battle. So, there you have it, my quiet gift that I have yet to literally give a voice. Your turn!

Please share with others!

Thank you,
Rashanna, Nygel and the Nerds!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nygel's Nerd Nation Shines the Spotlight...

On June 7, 2012 I had the pleasure of attending the promotion of Heritage Middle School here in Ohio and I was so impressed by the maturity and confidence these young men and women exemplified, I had to interview them!

This is a very proud moment for not only us here at Nygel's Nerd Nation, but also the family and friends of Daphney Bonner and Anthony Price. Their outstanding academic achievement deserves to be recognized and we gladly shine the spotlight on them. Congratulations to both Daphney and Anthony! We are extremely proud of you! We wish you the very best on your new journey as you continue to strive to make a difference! 

At this time we would like to interview Daphney Bonner and Anthony Price...

Shanna and the Nerds!!

Nygel's Nerd Nation Interviews Anthony Price

N3: Anthony, you have just completed Middle School and you will now be entering Senior High School. What are your feelings as you leave Heritage and onto Shaw?
AP: Hmm, My feelings are sad and happy. It’s sad because I’m leaving middle school. I’m happy because I have accomplished the second part of my education and will enter the third.

N3: What are some of your fondest memories that you will take with you as you leave Heritage and what will you miss the most? 
AP: One of my fondest memories is when I won the Martin Luther King Jr. Award. What I will miss the most would be the National Junior Honor Society and inducting 8 people into the National Junior Honors Society.

N3: How will you be spending  your summer?
AP: I will be spending my summer doing community service, having Nygel's Nerd Nation meetings, and trying to find a summer job.

N3: We heard that you play several instruments. What are they? What kind of music do you like and what ambitions do you have as far as music is concerned?
AP: I play Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones. I like jazz music. My ambition on music is that music can change something, it has a feeling, and it can make you sad, happy, or glad.

N3: We also heard that you have a small business of your own, can you tell us a little bit about that and what are your plans?
AP: Yes, I am creating Nygels Jr. Nerd Nation it’s under construction but it will be up before this year is out for updates you can visit The Jr. Nerd Nation will be for children ages 13 and younger. We are tossing ideas around for the direction that we want to focus on for all of our younger nerds. 

N3: What do you do like to do for fun?
AP:I like to spend time with my family 

N3: So, you did very well in your academic career, tell us how well you did. What courses were the most challenging for you and why? 
AP: Well, I was in Honors Classes and I maintained  a 3.8-4.0 GPA average all year. The most challenging courses that I experienced were Algebra 1 Honors and Social Studies Honors. Algebra 1 Honors was the most challenging because it was something that was a privilege in the 8th grade so I had to learn different formulas and signs in algebra that I would learn in High School. Social Studies wasn’t really challenging dealing with the academic aspect just the fast pace moving to different chapters in American History.

N3: What is your definition of a nerd and do you consider yourself one?
AP: My definition of a nerd is a person that is a leader, a person that would never struggle in the end. A nerd is a person that is cool, smart, and corny at the same time. Yes I do consider myself a nerd because it’s something that I talk about in a positive way.

N3: There is so much pressure to be in the “in crowd” how do you feel about peer pressure and fitting in? 
AP: Peer pressure and fitting in isn't pressure or a problem for me. People come to me mostly and talk to me and call me their friend or say "oh that’s the smart guy you should hang around with him" and that’s what really makes me happy about myself- I don’t have to do something to my body or personality just to fit in. Dealing with peer pressure is not a problem either because when I come around, I make people’s lives better or I resolve the problem.

N3: You had the privilege to work with Daphney on the NJHS, tell us how it was working with her and do you plan on keeping in touch?
AP: Working with  Daphney in National Junior Honors Society was something special to me. For one reason I knew it was going to end. Those two years flew by, so for the time we had at Heritage, I wanted it to be something that I could always look back on as one on the best memories in my life. Another reason was that we knew when our advisor needed something; she would always remind me that we had a meeting or did I work on that such and such.  Do I plan on keeping in touch? For sure! We are actually in a jazz band together called “The Progeny” and we will still perform all over Cleveland. Daphney will always be someone I stay in touch with!

N3: What positive contributions would you like to bring to Shaw High School?
AP: I would like to bring a legacy to Shaw High School. I would like to bring something that people can talk about positively that Shaw High is not a bad school.

N3: Based on your time at Heritage, how would both your teachers and friends describe you?
AP: Both teachers and friends would describe me as a cool person to hang around with. A leader. A person that would never doubt you will always be there for you.

N3: What is you ultimate career path and why have you chosen that path? 
AP: My ultimate career path would be in the field of law, being a Corporate Lawyer because I like debating and helping people in a positive way not negatively and physically...

Way to go Anthony!!

Nygel's Nerd Nation Interviews Daphney Bonner

N3: Daphney, you have just completed Middle School and you will now be entering John Hay
School of Science and Medicine. What are your feelings as you leave Heritage and onto John Hay?
DB: As I move from Heritage to John Hay I feel that I need to succeed as I did at Heritage and strive even higher at John Hay. I also feel that this will be a totally new environment for me. I won’t have the comfort of my old friends to have by my side. It is like a totally new start for me so I know I need to do my best, strive for excellence, and make a good impression on new people so that I can have a great and fun experience at John Hay.

N3: What are some of your fondest memories that you will take with you as you leave Heritage and what will you miss the most?
DB: Some of the best memories that I will take from Heritage are of course my great friends that I had but the things that I will always remember is my group "The Progeny." Our group consisted of two saxophonists, a guitarist, a drummer, and me who plays clarinet and sings. We performed at all the school events. At practices we had so many fun times and being there with Anthony by my side was the absolute best. This is also what I will miss the most. I will miss my band teacher Mr. Woods who helped me find my voice and I will miss all my band mates but I plan on keeping up with this and staying in our band The Progeny.

N3: How will you be spending your summer?
DB: For my summer I hope that I will get a call from my band director to say we got a gig and somewhere to play. I also plan to spend my summer with my family and check up on some of my Aspire friends.

N3: You attended the Aspire program at Hathaway Brown. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?
DB: That experience for me was absolutely great. There I got to be myself without anyone judging me and I got to meet great people who have helped me be who I am today. At Aspire we were in families so I got to be a big sister and help guide my younger sisters. From the Aspire Olympics to Love Your Body day, I love Aspire.

N3: What is your direction of study when you head off to John Hay?
DB:  When I head off to John Hay I plan to steer my direction of study in pediatrics because you have to know how to make kids feel comfortable to be a great Pediatrician.

N3: What do you do like to do for fun?
DB: For fun I like to play my clarinet, sing, read books, and write and arrange songs.

N3: So, you did very well in your academic career at Heritage, tell us, just how well did you do? What courses were the most challenging for you and why? How did you maintain your focus and determination?
DB: Well in my studies at Heritage I made consecutive straight A’s for both years and I maintained a 4.0 GPA. The most challenging course was math because I was not very good at it and sometimes it would be hard for me to understand but I made it through. I just kept on moving and I blocked out all of the distractions.

N3: What is your definition of a nerd and do you consider yourself one?
DB: definition of a nerd is someone who is smart and does what they need to do and yes I do consider myself a nerd.

N3: There is so much pressure to be in the “in crowd” how do you feel about peer pressure, how do you handle it and is fitting in important?
DB:  I feel that you just don’t give into peer pressure and I handle it by just staying with the people I know that will support me. Fitting in is not important because if you just be yourself people will except you for you.

N3: You had the privilege to work with Anthony in the NJHS, tell us how it was working with him and do you plan on keeping in touch?
DB:  It is an honor to work with Anthony. He is such a great person and he keeps you smiling and laughing all the time. I do plan to stay in touch with Anthony. He is such a great person.

N3: What positive contributions would you like to bring to John Hay?
DB:    I would like to bring my joy and happiness to John Hay.

N3: Based on your time at Heritage, how would both your teachers and friends describe you?
DB: My teachers and friends would describe me as a wonderful, energetic person that does what she needs to do to succeed.

N3: What is your ultimate career and why did you select that career?
DB: My ultimate career is to be a Pediatrician. I selected this because I want to help those who need help.

Way to go Daphney!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Congratulations Heritage Middle School!!

On behalf of Nygel's Nerd Nation we warmly congratulate the 8th grade graduating class of Heritage Middle School! We are extremely proud of you!

We would like to recognize the following students for their scholastic achievement by maintaining a G.P.A of 3.5 or higher!

  • Sierra Baker
  • Daphney Bonner (Vice President of National Junior Honor Society)
  • Erykah Brown
  • Shawnshirae Brown-Kirby
  • Debreona Edgeston
  • Miracle Hauser
  • Howard Hill III
  • Darcie Hudson
  • Alexus Lessears
  • Ryiane Nathan
  • Savannah Parker
  • Kierra Powell 
  • Anthony Price (President of  National Junior Honor Society) 
  • Octavia Taylor
For the incredibly difficult but rewarding job that you do, we also would like to thank and recognize:
Principal: Suweeyah Salih-Niang
Superintendent of Schools: Myrna Loy Corley
Freshman Academy Principal: Hubert Watson

Last, but certainly not least, we thank the parents of each and every child of Heritage Middle School. Keep encouraging and teaching them to be their very best. We look forward to seeing these young men and women at their commencement in 2016!!

Again. Congratulations to you all!

Rashanna A. Battiste
Founder of:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nygel's Nerdy News

Our Mission: 

To build the Coolest Nerd Nation one Nygel Patch at a time! 

Why Patches? 

We want to keep it simple and yet do a little something different. We are not reinventing the wheel- it's an awesome way to let people know who we are and offer them a really cool product that we believe in so deeply and that they will love to wear!!

 I Join Now What? 

Here's one on my favorite parts of what we do! When you join Nygel's Nerd Nation, you are now a part of our Nerdy family. Nerds are some of the most creative people I know, so it would only be right to feature our fellow nerds, their stories of inspiration, events, photos and accomplishments right here on our blog! Nerds have always had the stigma of being socially unacceptable...well- not anymore! This site is truly for us nerds. Here is ourplatform to be seen and heard not only by our fellow nerds, but all the "cool" people too! Nygel's Nerd Nation is endeavoring to make Nerdy the new Cool! Look out "cool" people! Here come the Nerds!In addition to this, we have some other cool features:
  • Enter to win contests
  • Nerd of the month contests
  • Discount Days
  • Nygel's Nerd Nation gift cards
  • Design-A-Nerd Contest
  • Other Cash & Prizes!!!
  • Trivia
  • Nygel's Nerdy News
So you see, we are more than just a Nygel Patch and a handsome face. We are Nerds doing some really cool things! 

Just for are some cool facts about Nygel... 

Nygel's Bio

Name: Nygel Anthony
Born:  August 4th
From: The creative minds and talents of Rashanna A. Battiste and Dan Miller
Occupation: Full time Nerd Machine
Mostly found: Nerdin' about and creating something
School: Nerd Nation Academy
Favorite Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Adage: "I make Nerdy Cool" 

What We Are Working On

Right now we live here on Blogspot Dr, but we are in the process of building our website for our full line of Nygel's Nerd Nation products! Please stay tuned for the awesome grand opening. We are diligently working to bring the very best products and service to you. It is going to be awesome! 

In The Meantime...

We are going to kick off our blog with..."What inspires you?" In 250-500 words or less. Send your stories to:

Cheers from Nygel and the Nerd Nation Family!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Interview With Dan Robinson- Miller

    Hi Everyone!!

    On July 16, 2011 I took to Twitter and I came across DerwentPencils and I tweeted: "Maybe you can help me. I am looking for someone to draw a project for me. A character in fact. Let me know if you can help." Well, from this tweet I got quite a few responses and one person showed an immediate interest- Dan Miller at: The rest, as they say is history. Over the next couple of weeks Dan and I swapped emails that detailed my vision for the character from the colors, posture, facial features, clothes selection, eye and foot wear. I changed my mind a few times-OK a lot, but the character had to be right on the money! Dan nailed it and he exceeded my time line and my expectations. 
    Well, It has been almost a year and Nygel's Nerd Nation is growing. Dan and I are still plugging away at ideas for the Nation. It's been a rather busy year, but I finally got to interview Dan. I hope you enjoy finding out a little bit about the man behind the character!!

    • Shanna: How did you come in contact with Shanna and the Nerd Nation? 
    Dan: I answered a call for help with the project she put out on Twitter
    • Shanna: What need did she have? 
    Dan: To create and bring to life a character to be the face of Nerd Nation
    • Shanna: What motivated you to take on the project? 
    Dan: I love to create characters and bring them to life, and this seemed like a really fun project to be involved with and from the brief and ideas Shanna had had, I knew what we created would be really cool.
    • Shanna: Where did you get the inspiration to draw the character and was the description provided helpful? 
    Dan: The descriptives were the main inspiration, but I did do a little bit of research to see how 'nerds' were portrayed previously, and then started to sketch out ideas.
    • Shanna: How would you describe Nygel's overall look?
    Dan: I think it is fair to say "Casual smart" - I think he is a pretty well dress little dude.
    • Shanna: How did you manage to mesh the thoughts of Shanna's vision of this nerd and your artistic abilities? 

    Dan: To start with I looked at Shanna's ideas and descriptions, and the very helpful examples she sent through. I then worked up a few sketches of different styles that I thought might work for this project - it was then very much a collaborative project, where I would work on him a bit, email it across and then work with Shanna's feedback to try and make Nygel as close to what was in her mind as possible.
    • Shanna: How would you rate your overall experience in working with Shanna in creating the face to the Nerd Nation? 

    Dan: She has been really great to work with, Shanna has had so many ideas, and even though the project is so close to her and she has a very good idea where she wanted it to go, she let me have the freedom to do what I do and create something we are both really proud of. My perfect type of client.
    • Shanna: Were there any special challenges during the process? Any frustrations? 

    Dan: Not really, I think it all ran pretty smoothly once we had the initial style and ideas in place. I think in the end we were both working from the same page so it worked well.
    • Shanna: Dan, if a perspective client wanted to reach your studio, how would they do so? And are there any other forms of social media that they might find you?
    Dan: The best way to contact me is by email - or through my website where you can see more examples of my work.  As for social media I mostly use Twitter @losttimedesign I also have a Facebook page
    • Shanna: Are you currently working with any other clients or any other projects with Shanna and the Nation? 
    Dan: We are talking about a few more characters to add to Nerd Nation. As for other projects - I have been doing quite a bit of work for other agencies working on visualizations of ideas, as part of advertising campaigns. I have also been working on graphics for some 'promos' on tv programmes here in the UK. Plus the usual logo and graphic design work.
    • Shanna: Do your friends know about Nygel?
    Dan: I have mentioned the work, they will know a lot more when I get my official tee shirt!
    • Shanna: Nygel's Nerd Nation is still a pretty much unknown, how do youfeel about it's perspective success and how do you feel that you had a major part in it?

    Dan: I think it really could grow, it is still very early on in it's life but with the right care, right promotion and a strong understanding about what it is it offers, I think it could really have legs.
    • Shanna: Describe your overall artistic style. 
    Dan: Varied, I have had the opportunity to work on lots of different projects and in many different styles. I love to use colour and play around with ideas. I get bored as well so always experimenting. This has actually been really good for me, meaning I don't get put in to one box.
    • Shanna: Did this project take you out of your comfort zone?
    Dan: Not really, I had to get into a different comfortable position. I really love character/mascot design but I had not done it for a while, so I would not say out of my comfort zone, but back into a different one.
    • Shanna: What confidence did you have that you could produce the character? 
    Dan: I was really confident I could, it is something I have had experience with, and with all details and examples Shanna gave me on what she wanted - I was pretty sure we could do it.
    • Shanna: You live in the UK, Shanna lives in the Unites Stated, was this your first international client?  Would you welcome more international clients or was this a special case? 
    Dan:  This actually was my first international client. I would LOVE to work with more, especially from the US. I think there is such a huge exciting market to get in to.
    • Shanna: Having never met, did you have any feelings of apprehension doing business internationally? 
    Dan: No, I was really excited about it. In this day and age I don't think there are international barriers anymore. We both understood there was a time difference (which would really be the only issue in this case) and we worked round it. I can see that there could be difficulties if the cultures involved were totally different but I think  the UK/US relationship worked really well.
    • Shanna: How long did this project take?
    Dan: It is still going on - but for the first Nygel - I think in all it probably took about a week (spread out)

    Well, that is a wrap for now! Dan, I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this very special project. I could have never gotten it done without you! You are truly a gifted artist, and designer. I look forward to working with you on our other projects. If you ever need anything- recommendation-anything, drop a line! Thank you again!

    I also have to thank Derwent Pencils for retweeting my request for help. You guys got the ball rolling! I hope you like the final Nygel!
    Thanks Dan! Nygel

    What is Nygel's Nerd Nation?

    This answer is in an earlier post that I still have as a "draft" but things have changed with my outlook on the Nerd Nation and the direction that I want it to take. I initially wanted it to be geared toward to students, writing. recognition and rewards, but I wasn't 100% settled on my direction and so, with the cost of mental gas in this economy, I had to turn my idea into a Smart Car. It's small, but it is quite efficient. While I have not deserted the idea of what I initially wanted to do- it will not be my primary focus.

    So, that begs the question. What is Nygel's Nerd nation?

    Quite simple. We are transforming into a novelty store for all things Nerdy! This transition will not take place overnight, but as we grow you will see us here and our website that is being developed. So, what are some things that you will see?

    • Our official Nygel Tees
    • Bags
    • Buttons
    • Iron-Ons
    • Stationary, Notebooks, Posters
    • Life-Sized Nygel Cut-Outs
    • Book Marks
    • Playing Cards
    • Post Cards, Postage Stamps
    It's going to be a really awesome store, so please stay tuned. If you have an idea for us please drop a line at:

    Visit follow us on Pinterest! you will get to see a lot of the Nerdy cool stuff we love!!

    ~Shanna & Nygel

    Definition Of A Nerd

    Hi everyone!

    So, I have always been called a nerd, but today I want to peek into the actual definition...

    Nerd is a derogatory slang term for a person typically described as socially-impaired, obsessive, or overly intellectual. They may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular or obscure activities, pursuits, or interests, which are generally either highly technical, or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities. Other nerdy qualities include physical awkwardness, introversion, quirkiness, and unattractiveness. Thus, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and is a social outsider. In the stereotypical high-school situation, they may be either considered loners by others, or they tend to associate with a small group of like-minded people. As with other pejoratives, nerd has been reappropriated by some as a term of pride and group identity.

    Ok. I'm back!! That was pleasantly offensive. While there are some parts of this I can really agree with, there are some that are just not true, so here is my corrected definition...

    Nerd The intellectual that most people wish they were. Did you get that too:) I had to have a little fun with that one!



    Branding. Ouch!

    OK, so we hear a lot about branding when we start a new business. After all, our business is only as good as branding our company into the heads of people that we want to pay attention to us and eventually buy from us because we have a product/service far superior to the competition. Well, while that is true- branding and my personality seem to clash in these two areas. I can't help but visualize the actual branding process for animals. While I won't be going out searing people with a branding iron to get them to buy my products- the concept is the same in that as a business owner, we want to "burn" in the minds of our potential customer/audience that we are a here with red flashing lights.

    I have always danced to the beat of my own drum- largely in part because I can't dance and so I dance with my own shadow and so far I haven't stepped on my toes yet:) I love to take things that seem to fit into a box marked "boredom" tucked away into the corners of conformity and mediocrity. Hey, I may be a nerd, but I love to have fun and I love to see other people have fun. When it comes to this "branding" thing, I want to shake the box and see what rattles around (unless it is marked "handle with care") So, I asked myself. "How can I brand people and make it fun for all involved?" How can I become a permanent fixture in people's minds? You may laugh and it may seem unorthodox by branding standards. Ready? Iron-On patches! Yes, indeed! No one talks  about the old iron patch anymore these days, but they were so cool. Today I got online to see who could actually make an iron-on patch of my company logo and I found one that I liked and I'm just waiting for the proofs! I figure a start-up company can send me the coolest and fanciest packaging, but I tell you I have thrown more of that stuff away than I have ever kept. Think about it, when was the last time you raved over the packaging and just went bananas? Do you still have it? Did you call someone up and just fall back in your seat going on and on about the packaging? Did you shake it to see what was inside? Well, guys, I am a nerd trying to start my on business and I work full time, so I can't afford all the advertising, glitz and shimmer and believe me, it's no knock to anyone that can do all of that! When I can afford it, I may just start my own branding company, but for now I'd rather send you a well thought out 5x8 postcard that tells you briefly and concretely what I do, where I am, what I offer and the benefit to you annnnnd to boot an iron-on patch that is just too cute to throw away! Long after you have made a three point shot with my postcard, you will always have something to remember Nygel's Nerd Nation by and the best part- there is no shaking required! Our instructions are simple: Read. Peel. Iron-on. Visit. and join the coolest Nerd Nation coming your way! Now did that hurt?

    ~Nygel, The Nerd